This is probably THE most exciting part of the journey. But of course we’re going to say that, we’re REALTOR’s, so we are biased…..

Assuming you now have your deposit in place, you’ve taken our advice and spoken to the appropriate Mortgage provider and you’re pre-approved. Now we get to actually put in time to find your new home.
Great!..... So how do I do that?

Get yourself a REALTOR!
Don’t try and do this alone, working with a REALTOR is a must and not doing can cost you heavily in both time and money in the future.
We recommend talking to 2 or 3 different REALTORS and picking who you connect with most, and most importantly, who is looking out for your best interests.

What is a REALTOR?
A REALTOR is a licensed real estate agent that belongs to their local ethics boards and has undergone particular training.

Area Specific:
Working with a REALTOR who focuses in your area is, in our opinion, the best place to start. When looking at homes, you’ll want to speak to someone who can tell you WHY this area is better -or worse - than the previous areas you looked in. You’ll want to know what the community plans are in the area. Equally as important, you’ll want a REALTOR who knows buildings well if your looking to purchase a condo. After all, you don’t want to move into a building that is about to undergo major renovation costs that will fall down to you!!

How do I Find Homes:
There are plenty of resources out there. You REALTOR will be doing - or should be doing - the majority of the search for you. You see we have access to a system called MLS, which allows us to see the majority of listings and narrow them down to your specific criteria - such as price, size and location. On top of this it’s a relatively small world so different REALTORS will be aware of different off market opportunities that hopefully match your search criteria.

If you want to do some searching on your own, you can check or for example. This lets you see pictures of homes you may be interested in, open house schedules and more.

Your REALTOR will be able to access this information and more on their own so we recommend reaching out to them if you stumble across something that you think you’ll like. Additionally you need an experienced agent on your side to point out the potential issues on any building that will not be advertised publicly. This will give you insight into what the future of the building may hold...

What’s an Open House?
An open house is a tool for both buyers and sellers to utilize. Typically on weekends between 2-4PM (these times can vary) agents will host open houses. This is a chance for you to take a look around various units, ask questions and see how well the home suits your needs. These open houses are open to the public to walk through. If the timing does not work, your REALTOR can request a private showing for you to view the unit quietly & without a potential crowd.

It’s common for your REALTOR to suggest seeing multiple units during these weekend times, this way you know you can get into all the units you would like to see in a shorter, more convenient period of time.

I Found One! Now What??
Once you’ve found the home in which you want to purchase, it’s now time to move into presenting an offer. THIS right here, is where you REALTOR is worth their weight in gold….. If they are good!

Take a read over our contracts blog next, were you can see the d
ifferent styles of contract you’ll expect to see when purchasing a home.

THIS right here is what really gets us going! We love this process inside and out. And we want to be the REALTOR’s you choose to partner with and represent you! We are always tailored on our approach for first time home buyers so give us call, text or email if you want to find out how we keep all of our clients extra happy.

Speak soon!
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