When it comes to purchasing your first, and any for that matter, home. You’ll need to assistance of a variety of professionals. Under the ‘Finding Your Home’ blog we discussed REALTORS. Here we’ll break down the differences, and why, you will need all of the above professionals in your real estate life.

Now it’s probably been a minute since you figured you’d need any of the above so let’s start one by one shall we:

Lawyer/Notary Public

You’ll need a lawyer/Notary Public for a variety of reasons. They will be handling the transfer of your name onto the land title, handling Property Transfer TAX for you, Conveyancing and possibly checking over your potential contracts during negotiations.
We have many contacts, but like to use 1 key lawyer and 1 key Notary public in our business. 
Most importantly we know they look out for clients best interests and are good people. We use them ourselves for our own personal dealings too. How’s that for a seal of approval!

Home Inspectors

Not always necessary but recommended. Should your contract include a ‘subject to inspection’ clause. You’ll want a home inspector you can hire to view the property and provide a report on a variety of safety/repairs matters. Typically in this clause you will have designated an amount which you are comfortable with and it will be the home inspectors report you’ll be looking at this for.
Again, we are connected to the best in the business. We recommend getting a second opinion on this so we’re happy to point you in the right direction of a couple of these fine gentlemen, and ladies of course!

Mortgage Specialist

When you go into your bank and request an appointment with an advisor in regards to a mortgage. They will likely be putting you in front of their mortgage specialist. This person will know the ins and outs of products and services that particular bank can offer you. If you’ve been a long term client of the bank or are a preferred customer, you may see a discount based on products available to you. Before rushing off to your bank to seek out a specialist, make sure you read the below on ‘Mortgage Brokers’ first!

Mortgage Broker

OK this is a big one. Not to be confused with a ‘specialist’. A Mortgage Broker is able to search a variety of products for you from a variety of sources. The specialist will just show you products from that particular institute, or sponsored products through the institute. A Mortgage Broker will search a multitude of banks, credit unions and private lenders. We always recommend seeking out a broker as they will be able to provide you with a variety of products to choose from that benefit you, not just the business who is itching to you.

The best bit about brokers, they are FREE to you! Because they also have to stay on top of their game, they are always looking for ways to provide better products and make them work FOR you, not just to get themself an extra bonus in their pay cheque.

There are a ton of mortgage brokers out there and we’ve been working with a select few for a time now. We’ll happily put you in touch if you're in need.

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